Biological Science Imaging Resource

Olympus BX61

The BX61 is a motorized, research-grade, upright microscope incorporating infinity corrected optics. Techniques available include brightfield, DIC and epi-fluorescence. Attached is the DP71 color digital camera.


PL APO 1.25x 0.04 NA
U PL FLN 10x 0.3 NA
U PL FLN 20x 0.5 NA
U PL SAPO 40x 0.9 NA
PL APO 60x 1.42 NA
PL APO 100x 1.4 NA
Filter cubes:
DAPI ex: 377/50 em: 447/60
FITC ex: 482/35 em: 526/40
GFP ex: 473/31 em: 520/35
Cy3 ex: 531/40 em: 593/40
Cy5 ex: 628/40 em: 692/40
Dry top lens universal condenser NA 0.90
Exfo X-Cite 120 metal halide lamp
DP71 camera:
12.5 megapixel resolution
Peltier cooled
Incorporates pixel-shifting technology to increase spatial resolution