• Apoferritin

     1.78 Å resolution image of Apoferritin.

  • SEM of shark skin

    Imaged on FEI Nova 400 NanoSEM

  • TEM of phage virus

    Imaged on CM120 BT transmission electron microscope

  • Fast frozen, contracting Lethocerus flight muscle

    PMID: 20844746 - Imaged on retired FEI CM300-FEG

Biological Science Imaging Resource

We at the Biological Science Imaging Resource (BSIR) are dedicated to making state of the art transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and confocal microscopy available to everyone without multimillion dollar investments in instruments and facilities.  We offer affordable, state of the art, remote robotic TEM imaging using FEI’s Titan Krios™ operated by staff with decades of EM experience. Through the Appion automated data collection system, users can view data collected in real time via a web browser and direct BSIR staff during the data acquisition process. We offer laser scanning dual photon confocal imaging using Zeiss’s LSM 510 confocal microscope which is managed by the physics department.

Many instruments are operated with a user shared collective of knowledge.  Training and technical assistance is provided.  Usage fees help to defray operating expenses incurred by Florida State University. Major equipment purchases are funded through individual and multi-user grants.

News Feed

CM120BT Status

The CM120BT is operational.  Refresher training is available upon request.   

We have started using camera software EMMenu 4.  This is also being used on the HT7800 and will ease the learning curve.  Added benefit of reliability.  Flatfield corrections are more effective and the camera dose is no longer required to be so low.  For those wishing to use the old EMMenu 3,  it is still available.


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Olympus BX61 Status

The BX61 now resides in 336.

Be sure to secure swipe access and a key if you wish to use it after hours.

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HT7800 Status

The Hitachi is ONLINE.   

Operations are normal with a tungsten filament.  Remember to turn off the filament after using.

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Titan status

The tip replacement is complete.  We are open for screening and collection

The K3 camera/server is good to go.

Apollo camera when tested has two lines of defect. The DE engineers and staff are working on it.  Hold on using it. A new thicker chip was replaced.  We have to test the performance before opening for data collection.

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CSU-W1 Status

The spinning disc confocal has been moved to 336A and is online.  A power up/down procedure has been posted on the instrument. 

When cleaning lenses, stay away from ammonia based cleaners.  BSIR recommends Sparkle.  Look for it near the instrument just for this purpose.  

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GP2 Status

The Leica GP2 has been installed in room 336 of Bio Unit 1.  We await in person training with the use of ethane. 

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Chameleon Status

SPTLabtech Chameleon cryo grid robot has been installed.  Instrument training for the staff is scheduled.

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