Biological Science Imaging Resource

  • SEM of shark skin.

  • TEM of phage virus.

  • Fast frozen, contracting Lethocerus flight muscle.

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  • Pyramidal mitochondria in astrocyte.

Biological Science Imaging Resource

The Biological Science Imaging Resource (BSIR) is dedicated to making state of the art transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and confocal microscopy available to everyone without multimillion dollar investments in instruments and facilities.  We offer affordable, state of the art, remote robotic TEM imaging using FEI’s Titan Krios™ operated by staff with decades of EM experience. Through the Appion automated data collection system, users can view data collected in real time via a web browser and direct BSIR staff during the data acquisition process. We also offer laser scanning dual photon confocal imaging using Zeiss’s LSM 510 confocal microscope.

Training is available as well as technical assistance. User fees help to defray a fraction of operating expenses incurred by Florida State University. Major equipment purchases are funded through multi-user grants.







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